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The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit was founded in 1985 by a diverse group of God-seekers from multiple backgrounds in response to an invitation from a young, fresh-out-of-seminary and recently ordained young neighbor, Susan Sherard. Together they gathered to worship and consider the possibility of starting an Episcopal Church in Madison County.


This original group of sixty soon found themselves to have two things in common: First, each member wanted to be part of a Christian community that would nurture and support them in their spiritual journey and empower them for their own ministry, whatever that might prove to be. Second, they were of one mind that the church’s ministry should be chiefly to the larger community, not itself. In almost forty years, that vision and that commitment has not changed.


Over the years, the parish has developed traditions which help support and sustain that vision and commitment: Our worship is reverent, but also informal and joyful. As a congregation, we strive to be open in regard to social, political, and theological issues, seeking consensus when we are not of one mind.  And we practice a collaborative style of shared leadership and decision-making which enables everyone to have a say.

Much has changed since that first gathering. We are a “real” church now, if by “real” one means buildings, a proper budget, and the usual trappings of an Episcopal church. But much has remained unchanged. The clear sense of call to be a loving, caring, outreach-oriented worshipping community has not altered. And we still believe that wondrous things are possible when we come together as the people of God, sharing a vision.

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