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The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit


The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit is a small church with a can-do belief in God’s love. Originally imagined as a house church in the mid-80’s, the congregation grew quickly, attracting people from a wide range of spiritual and church backgrounds, all of whom were searching for a spiritual community which cared about its neighbor as much as it cared about itself.


Within its first five years, Holy Spirit developed an engaging worship life; was received as a parish by the Diocese; founded a hospice program for the county; built a simple church home; and became self-supporting. Over time, the church built a wing to house a preschool program; developed an active prison ministry and helped launch a church in the adjoining county.


Led by three rectors since its founding – the Rev. Susan Sherard, the Rev. Barbara Peterson, and the Rev. David McNair – Holy Spirit has continued to draw people with creative spirits and a deep commitment to community. Home to seekers and lifelong Episcopalians, the congregation looks to the future with openness and faith in the Spirit’s movement.

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