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Discernment Committee: 
Notes, Updates, and Information 

June 3 Update

by Bill Sewell


Your Discernment Committee met for several hours this week with one of our counselors, Rev. Joslyn Schaefer, who is Rector at Grace Church in Waynesville. She assured us that she is going to assist us and be with us for the entire journey. Additionally, Canon Augusta will be back from her sabbatical sometime in late August and will be with us for the rest of the process. Of course Bishop Jose keeps us in his prayers and has us on his radar. We have a lot of help as we move along.

At our meeting, we discussed the spiritual basis for what we're doing and the role of this church in our lives and in the community. We worked for a bit on a timeline of where we've been and, and where we're planning to go and talked about the process.

At the risk of, of stretching the metaphor a little bit, it's time for us to unpack the oars and get everybody to work on moving the ship along. There are a couple of opportunities coming up where you'll have the opportunity – No! -- where you will each have the RESPONSIBILITY to provide your input.

For the first one, we've engaged a group called Holy Cow! Consulting (I can't make this stuff up!) and we are going to work with them to develop, administer and analyze an online survey which we want and expect everyone to participate in. That means that if you don't find the time to complete it on your own, then you're likely to be cornered as you get ready to leave church one day. or we'll set up an appointment to meet you at the coffee shop or for us to come knock on your door.

We want everyone to participate in this online survey. It takes probably takes about 20 minutes; 80 something questions. Everyone needs to participate. This is your opportunity for input.

Following that, probably in August, we will have a couple of dinners that we're calling Holy Conversations where we will get into small groups and go through some scripted questions to give everyone the responsibility to share their thoughts as we continue this journey together.


The Discernment Committee will be meeting at least a couple of times each month for the next several months. Our names are in the bulletin. If there are any thoughts or questions or concerns that you have, please get back to one or more of us so that we can continue this journey together.

Thank you.

May 30 Retreat and We’re Off!
by Deidre Soileau

By the time you are reading this, the Discernment Committee will have had its long-awaited retreat with Rev. Joslyn Schaefer, our guide from the WNC Diocese for the discernment process. Since that hasn’t happened as I write this, there is very little to report. However, Joslyn has asked us to consider some questions in advance of our retreat, and I’d like to share them here. I imagine most of us will be considering these during our search: 
   What do you love about Holy Spirit church?
   If Holy Spirit church was gone, what would be missing from the community?
   A time or two when a priest or pastor made a strong impact on your life 
   A time or two when a priest or pastor’s spiritual leadership impacted a
   A time when it felt Holy Spirit was really living into God’s dream for the parish

Please pray for the committee and our beloved church as we move into an active process, that we listen to God and each other, and walk in the way of the Lord.

Discernment Committee:


Amanda Hilty, Vestry Rep

Patty King

Teresa Matthews

Bill Sewell

Ann  Shiver

Deidre Soileau, Chair

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