The ECHS vestry manages the business and practical administration of the parish. With input from clergy and parishioners, the vestry strives to carry out the church’s vision and mission and to be faithful stewards of the parish resources.

The vestry consists of nine members who are elected at the annual parish meeting in January to serve a three-year term. A Junior and Senior Warden are elected every other year to serve a two-year term. Typically, the vestry meets monthly and the vestry clerk takes meeting minutes which are publicly posted on our website after being approved. Vestry meetings are open to all to attend. Each vestry member serves as a liaison to the various committees in the parish. Many church initiatives are generated by committees, then presented to the vestry through the liaison.

Vestry members must be confirmed members of the Episcopal Church, at least sixteen years old, financially contributing members of the parish, and regular attendees of the weekly service.

If you are a parish member and have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Senior Warden or Junior Warden, or a vestry member.


Current vestry members are Kathleen Phillips (Senior Warden), Peggy Wilson (Junior Warden), Dick Jordan, Nancy Larkin, Pam McNally, Mark Holland, Barbara Schauer, Rebecca Sharp, and Carol VanVoorhis, Lorrie Cooper (Vestry Clerk), and Bill Sewell (ECHS treasurer).


ECHS Vestry 2022-2023 - FRONT ROW (left to right): Lorrie Cooper, Carol Van Voorhis, Nancy Larkin, BACK ROW (left to right): Kathleen Phillips, Rebecca Sharp, David, Dick Jordan and Peggy Wilson, NOT PICTURED: Barbara Schauer,  Pam McNally and Mark Holland