The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit is excited to be in partnership with Fieles a Jesús(translation: Faithful to Jesus), the oldest Protestant Church in Cuba. Located on the northern coast, a two-hour drive northeast of Havana, Fieles a Jesús has a membership of 25-50 people and the church itself serves as a community center and place of hospitality. Their well, that ECHS partnered with to finance, is one of the neighborhoods only sources of fresh water.

Members of ECHS have travelled to visit Fieles a Jesús twice, in 2013 and 2014. Their priest and her spouse, Rev. Tulia Sanchez and Osmani Roca, visited us and Western North Carolina for three weeks in the summer of 2016.


The average Cuban earns between $20-$25 US dollars a month and thus, Cubans live extremely simply and survive on very little by American standards. Yet Cubans are also a  generous and joyful people, and their faithfulness and commitment to follow in the way of Christ is marvelously hopeful and inspiring. In recent years, diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba have been strained and travel between our two countries has been very limited. Though the opportunity to connect in person with members of Fieles a Jesús has been prohibited in recent years, ECHS and Fieles a Jesús continue to remain committed to one another and stay connected through letters, social media, and our continued prayers for one another.


Members of ECHS and Fieles a Jesús gather in front of an Episcopal church in Cuba.

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Members of ECHS and Fieles a Jesús celebrate together during a trip in 2013.