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It's summer vacation for the choir. Currently the church is actively seeking a new Music Director. We are hopeful the choir can begin rehearsals again in the fall!

The Ukulalians: The ukulele band is a part of the music ministry. If you want to join the Ukulalians, contact Ann Smith. No prior experience is necessary, although some backgound in guitar will give you a head start!

Ukes for Babies

Music Notation

Music notation can seem like a mysterious code for those who haven't learned to read the language, so it's easy to forget that we all "speak" the language of music. It's our native tongue, a language that runs deeper than speech. Notation is the way we symbolize a language we already know. Here's a wonderful visual created by Jeremy Miller that translates the rhythms of speech into notation:

(Banner photo courtesy of Kathleen Phillips)