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From the perspective of a spiritual community, we recognize the changes society and Earth are undergoing due to climate collapse. We’d like to make responsible changes in our own lives and encourage others outside our church community to do the same.

The Holy Spirit Church’s Climate Team has been busy developing projects. We believe that as stewards of the earth we can take meaningful action, even in small ways.

Our projects include a community garden and encouraging the home use of clotheslines instead of electric dryers. We also are watching public policy issues that affect our nation’s ability to address climate change.


Holy Spirit is a member of WNC Green Congregations, which brings together different faith communities concerned about climate change.

The above paragraphs are a simple layout of what the Climate Team does. For more detail, read this document. Or go to the Projects page. You also may read the Awareness Brochure, described below.

Climate Collapse Awareness Brochure

This educational brochure describes the effects of Climate Collapse, what is contributing to this global environmental crisis, and what we may do immediately on an individual basis to lessen the impact. Download this PDF to view or to print from your personal printer. A high-quality printed version of this brochure is available in the lobby of Holy Spirit Church.

 (Banner photo courtesy of Susan Sewell.)