2021 Stewardship Campaign


















Sharing our lives with others is what ministry is all about. Our participation in the volunteer ministries of this parish is ultimately a gift not from us to this community, but a gift to us from God, providing each of us with opportunities we might not otherwise have. A multitude of possibilities are offered to you, some of which you can jump into right away. Others are dependent on our return to our church building and in-person services.

David McNair's letter regarding Stewardship. First thing to read!

You will be mailed a packet of materials to help you with your volunteer ministry choice and financial pledge. Click on the underlined text to view PDF's which you will be able to download to your computer for printing out.

Download this PDF file for information to help you find out which ministry appeals to you.

If you are prepared to make a commitment to a particular ministry, view the volunteer ministries sign-up sheet. You will not be receiving this sheet in the packet sent to you, so download and print this sheet, and mail it to ECHS to be received by November 16.

And here is the pledge sheet for your financial commitment to the church. It will be in the packet mailed to you.

Finally, if you would like to review the church budget for 2021 that the Vestry will vote on, view it by clicking here.